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Propecia: Look Younger With Your Revitalized Hair

Propecia is an effective medical remedy for people who want to regain the beauty and health of their hair.

The only US FDA-approved drug for hair re-growth, Propecia demonstrates best results on areas that are most commonly affected by baldness – the vertex area and the back of the scalp. A number of surveys reveal that Propecia is most successful at re-growing hair in the vertex area. People who use this medication also noted an immediate cessation in hair loss. The expected results become evident in just a period of less than 2 years, so you will not have to wait too long. You can find and purchase Propecia No Rx needed.

Propecia: How It Works?

Typically, the male hormone (testosterone) floats in the bloodstream of an adult male and combines with enzyme 5-alpha reductase to produce the sex hormone DHT. However, as the person start to lose hair, follicles may develop DHT receptor sites. These enzymes attach to the receptor sites and begin to treat the follicle as foreign body. Aside from hair loss, these changes result in a myriad of symptoms that include oiliness, inflammation, and itching. Although hair follicle may still grow, they eventually begin to miniaturize at every growth cycle, until they are too small and short.

Propecia effectively counters this cascade of chemical changes and inhibits the formation of DHT. In just a few months, the body’s DHT levels will have been contained so that its adverse effects on the hair and body will not ensue. Lots of male adults who are starting to become bald benefit from Propecia Canada Pharmacy. You can purchase Propecia even without prescription from your doctor.

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Before finasteride became the drug of choice for male pattern hair loss, it was first approved for distribution as Proscar. This 5-mg finasteride preparation is specifically prescribed for men with prostate enlargement or BPH. Few years after, the 1-mg preparation – Propecia – has been approved for use by men who are starting to lose hair.

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