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Reducing of testosterone leads to hormonal failure and reflects on hair growth. As a result it leads to hair loss.

Hair loss (alopecia) is spread failure in men that often appears because of hormonal failure. During the long time scientists of world were searching for more effective way of hair loss treatment. Due to this searching, was created unique drug for hair loss prevention Propecia by name.

Propecia is a drug for treatment of hair loss without surgery and pain. Pharmacological action of Propecia not only stops process of hair loss but also restores normal growth of hair. Today, Propecia is main drug in pills for treatment of hair loss and it helps in 99% of drug applications.

Action mechanism of Propecia

Process of hair loss is realized under the influence of substance called dihydrotestosterone. In male organism, this substance forms from basic hormone testosterone. Increscent of dihydrotestosterone influences on production of hair follicle until they become unable to product hair. Dihydrotestosterone is required for male organism on stage of growth and development, but in adulthood it is this substance that becomes a reason of hair loss in 95% of cases.

Action mechanism of Propecia is based on reducing of dihydrotestosterone production in organism. Propecia almost immediately begins to block forming of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), after beginning of pill use. Step by step, reducing of this substance leads to restoring of hair bulb and improving of hair growth.

Observed pharmacological effect of Propecia appears after 3 months of drug use. Despite the fact that action of drug begins immediately, restoring of hair growth needs time. In average, hair grows with intensity of 1 cm in month and for full restoration of hair on places with hair loss needs three months of treatment course.

In what cases Propecia is prescribed?

Propecia is used only for treatment of one type of hair loss androgenic by name. This type of hair loss is provoked by hormonal failure, particularly by dihydrotestosterone production. Androgenic type of alopecia is known as a spread one and according to statistic, 90% of men who is observed with hair loss suffer from this disease. Propecia is not prescribed for treatment of alopecia areata, also in case of hair loss that is provoked by lack of vitamins or nutrients.

Propecia is prescribed only for treatment of male hair loss. In treatment of female hair loss Propecia is useless, by the way Propecia can be dangerous for women, because active component Finasteride of Propecia influence on growth and development of fetus and also can penetrates through skin.

Use of Propecia

Propecia is produced in pills for oral use by 1 mg. In difference from others medications against hair loss, Propecia can be used in any place, because you don’t need to rub in skin special creams, lotion, and ointment. Because of easy and convenient way of Propecia use, this drug is in demand and popularity.

Before begging of Propecia use, it is needed to be sure that you have particularly androgenic type of hair loss. To learn it, you can easily consult with medical worker, who will help you to identify the type of hair loss and to prescribe required treatment.

Propecia is prescribed 1 pill per day. Recommended dose of Propecia is 1 mg. After 3 months of drug use, depending on treatment results, dosage can be corrected by doctor.

Maximal dosage of Propecia is 5mg in 24 hours; however it is prescribed only after use of minimal dose 1mg.

Average duration of treatment by Propecia is 6-12 months, depending on reaction of organism on drug use and results of medication use.

Propecia use doesn’t provoke side effects in men, because this drug is created according to all quality standards of FDA. Propecia is prescribed to all men, besides those who have allergy on Finasteride.

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