Propecia is a fast and effective way to treat baldness

All-knowing statistics says that on average on our planet 40-50% of men and 20-30% of women have the problem of alopecia (as science calls baldness of any degree). There are several forms of Alopecia, but the most common is the so-called androgenic Alopecia.

Some experts believe that 90-95% of people who suffer from hair loss have exactly this form of alopecia. Studies show that male sex hormones play a key role in the development of both male and female androgenic alopecia. Particular attention is paid to dihydrotestosterone and the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which is involved in its metabolism.

The amount of medicines and non-medicines that doctors and their patients use to stop hair loss and resume their growth is amazing. The development and manufacture of drugs for the treatment of androgenic Alopecia is a large and highly profitable business in which a number of large pharmaceutical companies (for example, Merck & Co., Inc. and UpJohn Inc.) and many small manufacturers take part.

However, according to the caustic comment of American scientists, the vast majority of such drugs are not intended to treat baldness, but to extract money from the pockets of gullible and desperate people.

Today, the common problem of hair loss in men for genetic reasons can be solved with the help of Propecia. This is a very effective and high-qualitative drug, which was used by many people.

Hair loss is a serious problem for many men. Usually this points out at hereditary hair loss. The modern market of medical products offers a wide range of products aimed at treating alopecia. In the Internet, you can find many dubious recipes of traditional medicine, which also allegedly help to cope with this serious problem. However, as practice shows, most of the proposed and advertised drugs are ineffective.

Efficiency of Propecia

In case of a genetically determined problem of hair loss, it begins at a fairly young age from 26 to 30 years. An effective and qualitative drug Propecia at was developed especially for this illness successfully eliminating this common problem. The composition of this drug includes finasteride, which helps to stop the process of hair loss. Although, the hair that has already fallen out will not be restored again.

A great advantage of this drug is that it is approved by the American Organization, which exercises control over the quality of food and medical products. Therefore, it is a safe and reliable product.


It is necessary to take Propecia for six months to achieve visible results. The main condition is that you need to take the drug all the time, without interruptions, otherwise the hair will start falling out again.

Many men have already noticed the effectiveness of regular use of Finasteride (the main component of the Propecia), namely, hair growth was observed in the region of the crown and frontal part of the head. Just these places most suffer from Alopecia. Propecia can help every man suffering from hair loss for genetic reasons.

The main effect of the drug is that it blocks the formation of a male hormone, the excess of which is the main cause of hair loss. Such action automatically affects the condition of the hair: their growth is activated, the structure is restored and strengthened.

The facts speak for themselves: taking into account the results of clinical studies, it was found that with proper and regular intake of the Propecia, the hair stopped falling out in 85% of the patients. Apparently, men have a chance to improve their hair.